Al Nassaa is an activity based on the proud of ancestors’ sport due to the importance of archery in their lives at that time, their livelihood and providing protection for themselves. With the passage of time, archery and hunting skill today became one of the most important sports in which many distinguished players scored records. By providing many competitions to Darb Al Saai people, the national team is provided with young Qatari people to participate in competitions organized in the activities of Al Nassaa.
Time Event Description Event Name


10:00-03:30 01:00 -09:00 Shooting on electronic targets so that the target is aimed. The result is recorded on an electronic screen in front of the shooter. Air Rifle Shooting (10m(

Open shooting

Archery and arrow shooting on a moving target, where the shooters  shoot at the target simultaneously using multiple colored arrows. Bow and arrow shooting (moving target(
Shooting with different weapons on simulator electronic screen. The shooting is done through several programs such as shooting preys  so it is aimed directly on the screen. Simulation shooting (shotgun, rifle, pistol)