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Quotes from Soliman El Dakhel

Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani was the Emir of this country. He was its Friday preacher, judge, mufti and ruler. His sermons mesmerized his listeners and captured their hearts. When he gave, his gifts were abundant and plentiful. He is a pillar of this Arabic nation, its defender, and one of Islam’s greatest and bravest men.

تحفة الألباء في تاريخ الأحساء.
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Quotes from Mahmud Shukri Al Alussy

Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani was one of the most honorable of Arabs. He consistently fulfilled his obligations and regularly said his prayers. He was a man of virtue who possessed an extensive knowledge of his faith. He bestowed many great deeds upon Muslims

History of Najd.
Page 37

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Quotes from Abdallah Bin Rahman Bin Saleh Al Bassam

When Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani assumed the reigns of leadership for the emirate, commerce expanded and diving prospered in the country. A commercial port was built to export and import merchandise. The population grew, businesses diversified, the country flourished and development increased. The capital of Doha consisted of towns and suburbs and the emirate became an independent state…..

Najd Scholars Over Five Centuries
Chapter 5 Page 406

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Quotes from Ahmed Al Anani

The key secret of Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani’s personality was his strong faith in God and the power of God, his courage when he felt his beliefs to be true and righteous and his extraordinary intelligence in evaluating situations. Thanks to him, and perhaps for the first time in several centuries, the State of Qatar is no longer just a trail and a grazing pasture for the tribes of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula, but a united country.

Key Features of Gulf History
Page 172

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Quotes from Amin Al Rihani

To the East and South of the bay, from sea to sea, from the land along the Al Akeer shore, extends Qatar under the rule of Sheikh Jassim Bin Al Thani, the most honorable and distinguished of Emirs.

The Modern History of Najd
Page 212

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